We offer a variety of fine custom made bamboo products for your home or business. Whether you are looking to Tropicalize an entire area or just add one or two bamboo accent pieces, you will find that the romantic, natural beauty of bamboo combined with our designs adds an exotic flair to any setting.

Welcome to Bambú Tropical!

Bamboo Table

Tropicalizing, is a special service we offer at Bambú Tropical. Whether it's a room in your home, your pool area/deck, or your business, we can turn an ordinary space into a tropical paradise featuring bamboo furnishings, ceilings and wall treatments.

Bambú Tropical imports Guadua Bamboo grown in Central and South America. It is the strongest and most attractive bamboo in the world lending itself for a variety of uses including construction and furniture making. Our bamboo is aged and treated with a non-toxic borax solution which prevents insect infestation, a common problem with untreated bamboo.
Guadua Bamboo
Bamboo Bed
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Bamboo Ceiling
Tiki Hut
Accents & Backsplash
Bamboo Ceiling

If you don't see something you like on our website, we can customize any of the items to better suit your needs or we can replicate anything using a photo from your favorite magazine.





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