Bamboo is not only a beautiful and romantic material, but it is also environmentally friendly. As the fastest growing plant on earth, Guadau Bamboo grows to its full height and diameter (up to one hundred twenty feet) in a few months, but requires three years of maturing before it can be harvested.

The maturing process hardens the shoots, making it wood like. Because of the relatively short harvesting period compared to lumber, some have called it the "wood" of the future.

Bamboo is actually a grass and is used to provide shade for homes and coffee fields in South America.

With about 1,000 species, all bamboo plants of the same species flower worldwide at the same time (in thirty to one hundred year intervals).

Stronger than graphite, bamboo has a very strong strength to weight ratio and is a wonderful raw material for interior decor and exterior structures.

Bamboo is an Amazing Plant . . .

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